Senin, 10 April 2017


-When In Along The Railway Tracks-

In the afternoon when air is being friendly, when I was 10 years old. There are grasslands which go away from home and we usually spend romp in the pasture railway on top of it.

I quickly call my friends to play on this beautiful afternoon. After all already accumulated, then me and my friends play and pluck and then collecting the wildflowers that adorn the pastures especially with my girl friend . In the time there was a girl friend ,her named intan is diamond spiked plants affected, and I treat my shirt because of the use of bleeds. When the weather is nice, because I can not play the kite so I decided to watch some male friends who are playing kites. I entertain myself with my screaming "Yach" when kites again dropped back when kite from friends we are broke, and I yelled "Yes."

I and zaki waved if there are trains .me and zaki running and running until the fall to get food it , and not infrequently there are passengers on the train to throw biscuits. me and my friend immediately spoke up " Alhamdulillah ".
Ah ... a passing train as brief as it is able to make us share it with others, sharing the joy and luck. Me and my friends really enjoyed with a food from the train .

The games and laughter we should end when our mom came and called out our names from a distance and shouted at us to come back home. We walked hand in hand back to the House. On the way home from pasture, we had to pass through a rice field filled with mud and in the end I and friends slip again and dirty all Agency. I help sari which fell to severe gross and I was delivering to his house for crying. then I got hold of my brother's hand and walking back toward the House and our mother, who was waiting in front of the alley . On the edge of the fields, I also met a man who returned from grazing and bring full contain of grass.

Finally ,me and my friend arrived home each with full wet and soiled a wonderful memories and togetherness might never I forget until forever .

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