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Interview place : Purwokerto
Interview time : Sunday Morning
Interview date : 16-april-2017

Mrs Halimah as trader mendoan

I visited the shop mendoan located in the tanjung village area purwokerto and I started doing interview with the trader mendoan . I asked the trader in accordance with a list of question that I made yesterday. then I star the interview with the merchant in this home .
The name of trader mendoan is mr.s halimah , he was born 15 agustus 1950 in purwokerto . name of halimah from a simple family and the name of java people .I like with name of java .Mrs halimah still have a husband that 70 years old and have two boy handsome . although mrs halimah have a husband who is old, he does not always depend on him because he wanted to try on their own to get the results of his own cries of pains.
Mrs halimah has become a trader mendoan since 2012 .His husband epidemic worked as a farmer who every day go to the paddy morning and return in the afternoon. although nominally a simple life but they never get angry with the situation .Then the first child has been working in Jakarta and again wander or away from her family, her second child in school still smk 75.
Mrs halimah patient enough with her second child because the child was a bit naughty and difficult set mrs halimah .and weve good people and patiently to everyone.
I ask a question about hobby and mrs halimah have a hobby of cooking in his house and his cuisine is always tasty, I know because I've been eating his cuisine So mrs halimah open a business so sellers mendoan as inspired by his brother who likes to sell.
Her home is also simple, its tiled roof is strong and its walls are also still strong .mrs halimah his frequent cleaning three days because his house is large enough .mrs halimah have chickens in his backyard with a number of chickens that quite a lot and there is also a bird in front of his house.
        Business by selling mendoan not to be named because the only selling her alone without husband in the home .He chose to sell it because it does not exist in the village who sells it want to develop in order to progress in a family of his .
The material to make mendoan is fairly easy , mrs halimah said . He bought materials on the market or shop the other side of the road and he always accompanied by his first son to keep her . The raw materials to make it easier to obtain and some times also difficult to get it ,difficult it when looking mendoan banana leaves to wrap it and other materials that easily to get make mendoan .
How to make is very simple and relatively short time . Materials to make mendoan include fermented, leeks, wheat flour and rice flour . Seasoning to make mendoan namely garlic , coriander salt and flavorings. materials are easily obtained when make mendoan and do not need much money .
A fairly easy way of making mendoan ,flavor in pure,spring onion in pieces very small , mix flour and rice flour to taste, seasoning and chopped celery leaves very little water, stir in the input fermented fried in hot oil until cooked, then lift the mendoan . when mendoan in the lift it must be careful because hot enough and can make the hands turn red when exposed to oil is still hot. Mrs halimah also wear gloves when lifting off the stove .
When i say how to sell mendoan for all people and mrs halimah help me to explain about it .Relatively short time how to promote with a short talk with people of one village , no use paper flyers .if want to have customers must be friendly with the other people, so interact with some people, don’t tide flat face and essentially well.
I have some motivation with mrs halimah as sellers mendoan very much, for example, I want to be a mendoan sellers and buyers with the results of my own efforts what then I wanted to build a bigger store to get a lot of money .it mainly with its own operating results and can be useful .
When mrs halimah tell me when there are good or bad experiences while a seller mendoan in front of his house, examples of good experience that when a lot of buyers who buy or order mendoan it in great numbers, and get a lot of money with their own business results ,then mendoan can exhausted and income until 50.000 rupiah . Her bad experience when there are no buyers from morning until evening and no one is buying mendoan, then there is the last mendoan is a lend then not paid  .It is difficult to get a lot of money, materials and spices to make mendoan so it is not used properly because there are no buyers.
it was afternoon, I quickly finish my interview to mrs halimah because it was already late and shop mendoan mrs halimah also be closed .when mrs halimah closed shop, I helped to clear the remnants of trash and sweep.
I am lucky to have found someone who is old age, but he still works hard for her family .and I can not forget the wonderful memories until any time by mrs halimah as mendoan great trader .

This is a picture of me with mrs halimah as trader mendoan

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